About Us

Bhuiyan Brothers and Associates, (BBA) ) is one of the leading IT products distributors & solution providers of the country since 2010. Our customers are our business partners, their satisfaction is our objective. Over the years, high quality product portfolio, latest technology & invention sustainable business model, strong dealer base, satisfied group of consumer base have strengthened our business. Adopting changes have been key to our success and management of Bhuiyan Brothers and Associates. is open to adopt changes. BBA has also has branch in Australia.

Mission and Vision

Each of our activities must benefit and add value to the common wealth of our society. Reputed for best industry practice in the areas of people, operations and customer-care, targeting a diversified international market through the delivery of a goods and service promise which at the same time offers value for money to our customers at all times. To continue evolving within the local and international core business values which are driven by the personality of our people while delivering a sustainable and efficient service with passion to our customers.


We put our customers at the forefront recognizing & respecting their values , with a view to always meet their requirements and making their sourcing, a valuable one. Also we belive in good relation shif with burgher and supplier. BBA is constantly committed to the principles of integrity and ethical business practices ensuring the best quality and best services to its most valued clients